About Jim

Jim has deep roots in Saint Cloud. He was born and raised on Saint Cloud’s north side. Jim and Janet have been married for 30 years and have two college age children. They have been involved in local charities for years.

Jobs are critical to our community. Jim has owned and managed small businesses for over thirty years. He currently owns a real estate company that helps people buy and sell homes, and also does property management and development. Jim also taught at Saint John’s University and the College of Saint Benedict.

Jim served as a State Representative for Saint Cloud and several surrounding communities from 1995-2006. He declined to run for re-election in 2006 to return to the private sector and spend more time with his family. Jim was elected State Representative in 2014 after an absence of eight years.


  • Legislator of the Year – Minnesota Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Guardian of Small Business – National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • Outstanding Service Award (for work on K-12 education) – Minnesota Service Cooperatives
  • Friend of the Taxpayer – Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota
  • Friend of Agriculture – Minnesota Farm Bureau | Legislator of Distinction Award – Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities


  • Cooperatives Political Action Committee
  • Education Minnesota (Minnesota State College Faculty)
  • Farm Bureau
  • Firefighters Association of Minneapolis
  • Inter Faculty Organization
  • Minnesota Business Partnership
  • Minnesota Certified Public Accountants Public Affairs Committee
  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
  • Minnesota Jobs Coalition
  • Minnesota Police Fraternal Association
  • Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters
  • Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association
  • NFIB/MN SAFE Trust
  • North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
  • Saint Paul Firefighters Local 21
  • Saint Paul Teachers Pension PAC

On the Issues

Health Care

Jim Knoblach believes in making health care accessible and affordable for all people. 

Good Jobs

Jim Knoblach recognizes the struggle that many people have in today’s economy, sometimes working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

K-12 Education

As a graduate of the Saint Cloud public school system, Jim appreciates the excellent education he received.

Higher Education

As a parent of two college age children, and former university Board Member, Jim knows the challenges of providing a college education.

Taxes and Spending

Jim Knoblach believes we need to restrain state taxes and spending so people have more money to spend on themselves.


Jim Knoblach believes we need increased funding for transportation.

Public Safety

Jim Knoblach believes that public safety is job number one for government.

Legislative Reform

Jim Knoblach believes the Legislature is too partisan, and that the legislative budget process needs reform.


Jim Knoblach is pro-life.

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Legislative Achievements (2017-2018)

Additional public education funding for school transportation expenses (amendment) BECAME LAW

Increased funding to fight sex trafficking (HF1932) BECAME LAW

$19 million renovation project at St. Cloud Prison (HF616) BECAME LAW

$18.6 million Eastman Hall renovation at SCSU (HF339) BECAME LAW

Day care reimbursements raised in St. Cloud area (HF139) BECAME LAW

Funding for St. Cloud United Way Partners for Student Success program (HF734) BECAME LAW

Funding for Big Brothers, Big Sisters (HF1588) BECAME LAW

Economic opportunity grant program for St. Cloud area (HF2266) BECAME LAW

Funding for St. Cloud emergency response team (HF1179) BECAME LAW

St. Cloud area remains eligible for state economic development grants (amendment) BECAME LAW

Funding for renovating St Cloud Armory (HF3160) BECAME LAW

Increased funding for Boys and Girls Clubs (HF1284) BECAME LAW

Funding for Electrolux dislocated worker training (HF4342) PASSED BY LEGISLATURE, VETOED BY GOV. DAYTON

Increase affordable housing construction (HF2112) PASSED BY LEGISLATURE, VETOED BY GOV. DAYTON

Extension of Northstar Rail Corridor to St Cloud (HF1722) PASSED BY LEGISLATURE, VETOED BY GOV. DAYTON


Increase tax credit for public, private and home school students (HF337) PASSED HOUSE

Special education funding increased (HF4272) PASSED HOUSE

Reduce taxes on charitable gaming (HF3384) PASSED HOUSE

Have a nonpartisan Legislature; don’t require legislators to run with a party (HF1843) REFERRED TO COMMITTEE

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