Rep. Jim Knoblach (R – St. Cloud) today released his campaign finance information for the period of January 1 – July 18, 2016.  The report for that time was filed in a timely manner as required by law.

During this period Knoblach raised $43,015, and spent $14,891.  Cash on hand on July 18 was $57,133.  This compares to his opponent Zachary Dorholt who raised $26,201, spent $11,670, and had cash on hand of $29,448.

“I am thankful to my many contributors for their support,” said Knoblach.  “These funds will help me counter the expected hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest money that will likely be spent against me.”

In 2014, the State Representative 14B race was the most expensive House race in state history.  Total DFL spending exceeded that supporting Knoblach by $29,062, and special interest spending on behalf of the DFL exceeded special interest spending supporting Knoblach by $84,811 (source MN Campaign Finance Board).

“Due to the expected special interest spending on my opponent’s behalf, I will again not be taking state taxpayer money to support my campaign and thus not agreeing to a personal campaign spending limit,” said Knoblach.  “This is necessary to combat the hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest spending likely to be spent on my opponent’s behalf.”